Browser compatibility

Safari 2+, Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+ (and browsers based on gecko), Opera 9+ and Chrome.


FormCheck Examples using different type of validation

FormCheck Tutorial

Forum registration forum example

  • On leave a field
  • On submit the form

  • Show errors on tips over the field
  • Display only one tip at once
  • Tips don't flash on submit if errors remain
  • Ability to close tips
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Registration example

  • On form submission only

  • Scroll to first error is disabled
  • Close tip's button is disabled
  • Flash tip on submit if errors remain

  • Alerts are in japanese
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User login example

  • on leave a field
  • on submit the form

  • Show errors under the field
  • Display all errors at once
  • Alerts flash on submit if errors remain
  • The submit button is an anchor with class validate['submit']
  • Fades are longer than usual (1 second)
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Support example

Default behaviour

Handle two distinct forms View demo

Number range example

Use a function to perform custom check. See source code and the documentation for further informations. Number range

FormCheck 1.5 Documentation

Inspired by fValidator by Fabio Zendhi Nagao (

You can perform check during the datas entry or on the submit action, shows errors as tips or in a div before or after the field, show errors one by one or all together, show a list of all errors at the top of the form, localize error messages, add new regex check, ...FormCheck Documentation

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