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About :
formcheck.js v.1.4 for mootools v1.2 - 2008
Inspired by fValidator by Fabio Zendhi Nagao (

Changelog :

1.5 (09/16/2009) :
  • added an regex to check international phone number (starting with a +), as well as corresponding alert message
  • added a onSubmit event fired when the form is submited to validation
  • added a display option : removeClassErrorOnTipClosure, allowing to keep error class when the tip is manually closed
  • fixed an issue with digit validation
  • added a isFormValid method, only returning true if the form is valid, or false if not.
  • added a "word" test to test the number of words (f.e. class="validate['words[5, -1]']")
  • added a image test to check if the value is correponding to an image (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp)
  • fixed an issue occurring when both tips and listErrorsAtTop where active together
  • added ability to use reinitialize method, with "forced" as argument to remove all tips
  • added to register method the ability to specify position
  • added a target "test", not really a validation test, but it allows you to attach the error message to an other element, usefull if the input you validate is hidden.
  • added onValidateSuccess and onValidateFailure events, triggered when the form is submited
  • added a submit option, allowing to disable the submission of the form. onValidateSuccess and onValidateFailure will be triggered
  • added new themes (blue, green, grey, red, white)
  • added new translations, and minor fixes to some
  • updated regex for emails

1.4.2 (12/16/2008) :
  • portuguese translation
  • fixed "flashing tips" on close
  • confirm rule is required only if confirmed field is too.
  • fixed a bug that cause sometimes non-coherent tips management
  • fixed a bug who prevent class removing on fields when no error message is shown
  • minor changes in css to prevent display incoherence
  • option "display.showErrors" set to 0 by default

1.4.1 (12/10/2008) :
  • added register() and a dispose() methods that allow you to add/remove fileds from validation
  • added a indicateErrorsInit to perform check on page load.
  • fixed a bug who didn't allow to have uppercase name for self-defining function
  • added Bulgarian translation (thanks to Martin Tomov)
  • corrected Fx effects in IE7
  • various bugfixes
  • updated documentation

1.4 (11/19/2008) :
  • added a way to validate field using custom functions (see doc)
  • disabled fields are no longer checked even if validate class is present
  • fixed a bug with custom regexp/alert and language file
  • fixed a bug who provided the use of submit as button's name
  • fixed a bug with select
  • various bugfixes
  • updated documentation

1.4rc6 (10/30/2008) :
  • added an option to trim values before check
  • added an option to use titles instead of names on differs and confirm check
  • background-image is set to 'none' instead of 'no-image' in PNG fix for IE
  • updated Dutch translation (thanks to huughelmink)
  • added Greek translation (thanks to Nikos)
  • updated documentation

1.4rc5 (09/15/2008) :
  • no more need to double-click on tips button to close them
  • tips positioning is more accurate on IE.
  • fixed a bug with validation only on submit

1.4rc4 (09/01/2008) :
  • various bugs fix

1.4rc3 (08/21/2008) :
  • removed a console.log() who caused a bug in IE
  • ajax request method can be now post or get
  • updated documentation

1.4rc2 (08/18/2008) :
  • corrected various bugs
  • tips are now positioned in absolute
  • changes in ajax submissions methods

1.4rc1 (07/25/2008) :
  • it's now possible to block the focus in a field with error
  • a basic implementation of ajax submission
  • a new default tips theme supporting shadow in IE6
  • possibility to submit the form with an anchor (or other elements) with class validate['submit']
  • and a lot of bugs corrected (the textarea problem, confirmation bug, ...)

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